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Can you imagine getting out of bed and feeling like there is no point. You have sent out a 100 applications, but no one is calling you back. Your kitchen cabinets are bare. The refrigerator is empty. You have no money, no job, no family support. The only people who call you now are the bill collectors and you are just not able to move. To make matters worse you have kids that depend on you.

For various reasons women in our community find themselves in this position and they lack job skills to get back into the workforce. Perhaps they found themselves pregnant and couldn’t finish school, and now with no degree their options are gone. Maybe they finished school but stayed home to raise the kids and now their husband is gone. The world has changed since they were married and they no longer have the technical skills companies are looking for. Some faced years of domestic abuse only to find out after their husband leaves that no one wants to hire them. Their low self esteem and lack of confidence from the trauma prevents them from presenting themselves well. Yet given a chance many of these women would try again and could even turn their lives around. They just need a helping hand.


At Christian Women’s Job Corps, we provide HOPE where there is none, and help women turn their lives around. It is not an easy task. It is much easier to hand them a loaf of bread than it is to mentor, instruct, support, and care. Yet it is the job and life skills that CWJC provides that allows these women to restart their lives. It is our goal to equip and empower these women with the life and job skills they need to improve their lives. We give a hand up not just a hand out.

Christian Women’s Job Corps helps women gain control over their life circumstances. We help them, along with your help, to reach their full potential and improve not only their lives but the life of their families. This program is free to every woman who steps into our doors.


It is because of our many volunteers and financial sponsors that we are able to make a difference. This impact not only benefits them, it benefits the whole community. It reduces crime, eases the financial burden on social services and increases commerce.

Through generous donations from community members like you, we are able to address the needs of women in poverty by offering them training in life and job skills, as well as providing mentors to walk with them through this thing called life. The education training and resources we provide for these women comes with a cost. We are asking you to support this challenge by our side, either with financial support or with your expertise.

We are tackling a big problem together, and with people like you by our side, our community can extend hope to more and more women.

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