CWJC Has changed its Newsletter

"After 10 years CWJC has decided it needs a new look," responded the new Executive Director Lila Clay, "The format has more of a magazine feel to it when you read it. We wanted to make it easier to read and personal interest stories." It was the fall edition of 2019 that supported the new look and the response has been overwhelming. Many followers of CWJC have already given feedback and most say that they love the new look.

Jewlery Fundraiser

Former Executive Director Helen Stevenson helped CWJC raise money with a Jewelry fundraiser. The fundraiser was held on Friday, August 16 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm and

Why Your Support Matters

Can you imagine getting out of bed and feeling like there is no point. You have sent out a 100 applications, but no one is calling you

CWJC Hires A New Director

The Christian Women Job Corp of Nacogdoches hired a new Executive Director. The new director, Lila Clay, started work with CWJC in 2017 as a volunteer, she

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