Director Lila Clay with Thrive 2.7 Student

The Christian Women Job Corp of Nacogdoches hired a new Executive Director.

The new director, Lila Clay, started work with CWJC in 2017 as a volunteer, she was instrumental in helping CWJC begin its Thrive 2.7 pilot program.

She has been in Christian Ministry for more than 20 years now and has served in various roles. In her previous role with CWJC, she helped write and design most of the Thrive 2.7 program.

“Lila’s experience as a volunteer and previous management/marketing experience will serve the executive director position and this organization well,” said Rebecca Kite, Program Director.

Ms. Clay said her new job will include ensuring that CWJC is funded, seeking local business partners and expanding current programs.

“I’m excited to get started,” said Ms. Clay. “I was privileged to meet Melba Tiller and hear how she started the ministry. She was just so inspirational.”

Ms. Clay started August 1 and is working hard to learn everything as fast as she can. We expect her to hit the ground running.

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