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Thanks to you, Misty and her son are doing great. Misty was able to find work and loves what she does. They no longer have to worry about where they are going to get the money to pay the rent or how to pay for food. Misty signed up to be a part of CWJC because she wanted help finding a job and recognized that she needed to make some life changes if things were going to get better.

Thank you for your generous donation to Christian Women’s Job Corps of Nacogdoches. Your willingness to offer a hand up and not just another handout to Misty and her son made all the difference not only in their lives, but in the lives of several families in our community.

Thanks to you we have provided services to 70 people this past year. We also provided internships for 8 SFA students. These students will go on to work in Social Services, Rehabilitation and non-profits not only in our community, but throughout Texas. They will touch thousands of lives in their lifetimes.

By the way 8 of our students began nurse’s aide training this last year. We are proud to send these women out into the medical community right here in Nacogdoches. Just think the next CNA who provides care for you or your loved one might be a CWJC grad you supported financially. Yet there is so much more to tell you.

Your donation helped us purchase curriculum, equipment, and Bibles. Because of you we were able to provide financial aid so our students could pay for GED Testing. Many of our students wouldn’t have been able to attend class if not for the help you provided through your donation to pay for child care and transportation cost. You and people like you have made a difference in the lives of so many people.

We would love to give you a tour of our CMJC program that we have relaunched for the men in our community, so you can meet our new men’s program site coordinator Ricarte Rivera. We’d love to show off the new laptops we purchased for that program, and let you see our new classroom. It is our hope to see that program develop like the CWJC program has. To learn more about CMJC check out our new website CMJCNac.org.

Thank you again. We hope we can count on your generous support this year. If you have, questions do not hesitate to call us at 936-564-2952, or stop in. We would love to keep you in the loop.

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